Saturday 14th May Brighton Fringe Line Up

Paggy Gacheva

A Journey through a literal Mind

‘A journey through a literal mind’ is a show about hope, new beginnings and neurodiversity. Paggy will talk about what it’s like to be an autistic performer and how talking to your brain might just be what you need.

Twitter: @paggyperforms

Alexandra Shaw

Burlesque Imposter: “A hidden gem of the Brighton Fringe.” ★★★★ (Broadway Baby)

The true story of Fanny Dent, a self-conscious misfit in the unlikely world of burlesque. As someone who uses burlesque to tell stories, Fanny doesn’t need to be beautiful and feminine. Or does she? Fanny has always believed that deep down, she is special. That she can outshine everyone else and create true masterpieces – if people could just recognise real talent when they see it. Of course, that’s impossible to live up to, but Fanny can’t give up on the idea that she is a true genius.

Website: Fanny Dent Linktree

Brighton Fringe Link: The Burlesque Imposter

The Sugar Coated Sisters

Musical Comedy: Best Newcomer at Musical Comedy Awards 2022

Two sisters move back to their home town to discover unfinished business lurking around every corner. They’re single, nearly 30 and ready to wreak musical revenge on everyone who’s ever wronged them.

Funny Women Content Creator Award Finalists 2021
“They have what it takes” (Metro)
“A perfect marvel” ★★★★★ (Three Weeks)

Website: Sugar Coated Sisters Instagram

Brighton Fringe Link: Sugar Coated Sisters: Work in Progress

Saturday 14th May: at a glance

  • Paggy Gacheva: A Journey through a literal mind
  • Alexandra Shaw: Burlesque Imposter
  • The SugarCoated Sisters (Best Newcomer at Musical Comedy Awards 2022)
  • Your Host: Simon Topping (Professional Idiot)