Perform for Us

I’m always looking for new comedy acts to perform at Extra Topping.

What I’m Looking for?

  • Most importantly comedy acts from OUTSIDE of the traditional stand up genre, whether that be improv comedy, sketch or physical comedy, musical, poetry, puppetry, character comedy, cabaret or just something different.
  • Acts that can do 20 minutes (in a standard Extra Topping) or 15 minutes for the shorter Brighton Fringe shows.
  • Acts who I can either go to see before I book, or have recorded material for me to review. This is not always necessary, especially if I know you by reputation on the circuit, but it’s good for me to have the chance to take a look before I book.
  • People who are delightful to work with, punctual and polite.

Dates I Need artists for:

Regular Extra Topping nights are the 3rd Friday of each month. 4 slots per month. 20 minutes per slot. Show starts at 7.30pm

Fringe 2022 I’m looking for: (3 slots per show, 15minute per slot, show starts at 9pm)

  • Saturday 7th May ARTISTS FULLY BOOKED
  • Friday 13th May ARTISTS FULLY BOOKED
  • Saturday 14th May ARTISTS FULLY BOOKED
  • Friday 20th May
  • Saturday 21st May ARTISTS FULLY BOOKED

How do I contact you to book in?

Email me at:

What you get (on a regular Extra Topping night):

  • A small, yet professionally run, venue space. Fabulously run and provided by Sweet Venues.
  • An inclusive, welcoming, culture. (Sadly the venue is upstairs and as such not suitable for everyone)
  • A zero tolerance policy regarding abusive and inappropriate behaviour of any kind.
  • Payment: For a regular Extra Topping night each act will receive 15% of the door takings. To try and make their events sustainable Sweet Venues do not charge upfront costs for their non Fringe events, which allows us to spread the revenue between the organisers and the artists. The breakdown is as follows: Sweet: 30%, Artist 1,2,3 and 4: 15% (60% Total) Extra Topping: 10%. A sold out event, at full cost tickets (£8) will take £280, so each artists can expect £40, or there abouts (depending on number of concession ticket sold)

Artists Performing for the Fringe Run

  • Sorry I cannot pay Fringe run artists who perform. As many of you know the Fringe requires a large outlay including Fringe Registration, venue charges and Print materials cost. I personally pay approximately £600 to put the shows on with no guarantee of a return. That’s fine by me. I’m happy to lose a certain amount of money but sadly do not have the deep pockets to also pay artists for the run. I’d love this to change in the future.
  • I will of course promote you and any Fringe event you are doing yourself.
  • The same high standards of practise apply to the Fringe shows as with regular Extra Topping nights.