Past Events and Posts

Launch Night : April 15th 2022

A great start to the night with a SOLD OUT audience down at the Poets. Performers included: Anarchic character comedian, Rebekka Turner; Musical Comedy Award finalists 2022, The Sugar Coated Sisters and improv comedy stalwarts, Lela & Kathy and me (Simon Topping) doing a crazing crowd based improv thing. Sadly Frankie Thompson had to pull out, but I … More Launch Night : April 15th 2022

Get Yourself a Proper Job

I talk to other funny professionals about how it all started for them; delving a little into their childhood, how they were as kids, plus the breaks they got and the people who helped them along the way, as well as the challenges they faced.  Did anyone ever urge them, “Get Yourself a Proper Job?” … More Get Yourself a Proper Job

What am I up to?

At the moment I’m writing and filming some short films, pratting around doing improv and testing out new comedy characters.  I’m also looking at re-writing my one person show Why I Had to Leave the North. So for now I’ll leave you with a picture I drew of a cat.

Why I Had to Leave the North

  Following in the footsteps of contemporary storytelling comedians like Daniel Kitson, Simon Topping reviews the highs and lows of growing up in the 1980’s in the Lancashire, exploring the weight of expectation placed upon his increasingly plump shoulders to be a “man”. This, his first ever one man show:  “Why I had to leave … More Why I Had to Leave the North

Fat People in History

Meet some of the largest characters in history. See how their contemporaries viewed them and what ‘cures’ were offered to remedy their condition. Follow this humorous journey from medieval times to the near past in an exploration of shifting views on corpulence juxtaposed with the orator’s personal issues with his very own heft.

Living with… a Cat

I’m not exactly a stranger to cats, I have fed and cat sat for friends, family and even professionally over the years, so I shouldn’t be too surprised when this particular juvenile feline specimen gleefully bounds towards me with mouse limply but firmly gripped and dangling from her chops of death. However, this is the … More Living with… a Cat