I have 2 shows currently in production:

Why I had to Leave the North

Following in the footsteps of contemporary storytelling comedians like Daniel Kitson, Simon Topping reviews the highs and lows of growing up in the 1980’s in the Lancashire, exploring the weight of expectation placed upon his increasingly plump shoulders to be a “man”.

This, his first ever one man show:  “Why I had to leave the North”, is a touching and funny portrayal of the struggles of a young boy suppressing all his emotion after the death of his father, whilst learning to cope with life through a series of distractions and the love of cheese.


Exuent Magazine said:  “He’s a performer of considerable charm, immensely likeable, and there’s a pleasing freewheeling spontaneity to the piece, peppered with plenty of laughs”

If you’d like me to come and perform it for your group please GET IN TOUCH



Fat People in History

Meet some of the largest characters in history. See how their contemporaries viewed them and what ‘cures’ were offered to remedy their condition. Follow this humorous journey from medieval times to the near past in an exploration of shifting views on corpulence juxtaposed with the orator’s personal issues with his very own heft.

Not currently showing but if you would like me to come and perform it for your group please GET IN TOUCH