Leslie Bloom

Photographer: Jen O’Brien

Leslie Bloom Solves a Murder

Coming to Brighton Fringe on Sunday 21st and 28th May 2023 at 6.45pm at the Presuming Eds in Brighton.

Welcome all members of the Toddlingham neighbourhood watch to our AGM and fundraising gala. Top of the agenda this year is.. MURDER. “The Watch” treasurer and all round good egg, Tony Rose lies dead, but whodunit and why?

Let Leslie Bloom of “Toddle Watch Murder Division” guide you through the clues, suspects and red herrings as she attempts to solve this unexplained death in her own unique way.  Expect incriminations, interrogations and possibly even something silly. Everyone is under suspicion, even you. 

A combination of crafted comedy, pure silliness and whimsical improv, Leslie Bloom Solves a Murder is an hour of joyful laughter that celebrates the detective in us all. 

Location of the venue (Presuming Eds)

The marker at the top of he map is Presuming Eds and the marker close by at the bottom of the map is the location of the Fringe central venue called the Caravanserai