Simon Topping

Funny Man Telling Stories

Hello and welcome to the place where I can link you to all the bits and bobs I do in life for happy swathes of cash and to keep my mind active and mischievous.

I run the EXTRA Topping Comedy Showcase, an alternative comedy night every 3rd Friday of the month at The Poets Ale and Smokehouse, in conjunction with Sweet Venues.

Tickets available from Sweet Venues: Extra Topping Tickets

I also do a Podcast called Get Yourself a Proper Job where I talk to other funny professionals about how they got started in the industry.

I am a comedy writer, performer and improv veteran and trainer .  I am to be seen in the comedy places of Brighton making people laugh, talking about Fat People in History, Why I had to Leave the North, playing my guitar, in Good Boy, with my lovely friend, Nicola or doing some silly drawings as AP Potting Jr.

And I do a comedy video here and there.

I’m always looking to be part of shenanigans.  If you want to tempt me, email: